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Aftertouch - Volume 2, Number 2 (February 1986)

Aftertouch - Volume 2, Number 2 (February 1986)
This month's issue includes advice on the QX1, TX816 and KX-series, five new DX Voices and info on using the CX5M as a word processor/modem.

Did you have a KX88? Did you ever use your CX5M to write a letter? Tell us about it in the forum!

From 1985 - 1989, Aftertouch Magazine was "The Official Publication of the Yamaha Users Group". Check back every Thursday for our latest throwback issue. You can find all the Aftertouch throwback issues here.

Aftertouch - Volume 2, Number 3 (March 1986)
Loading Peter Jung's CS-80 Library to MOXF

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