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Aftertouch - Volume 2, Number 3 (March 1986)

Aftertouch - Volume 2, Number 3 (March 1986)
This issue contains part one of an exclusive interview with electronic music composer, Morton Subotnick, plus four new DX Voices, QX/RX advice and more!

Morton Subotnick is an electronic music composition pioneer. Aftertouch editor Tom Darter writes "His famous electronic composition Silver Apples Of The Moon, released by Nonesuch [Records] in 1966, was the first piece of electronic music to be commissioned by a record company." Mr. Subotnick explains how he uses the QX1 and TX816 in his live performances. Also in this month's issue, RX11/21L programming tips, a REV7 program, QX1 OS update details and much more. Enjoy!

Have you ever programmed an RX11? Tell us about it or anything else related to this issue here!

From 1985 - 1989, Aftertouch Magazine was “The Official Publication of the Yamaha Users Group.” Check back every Thursday for our latest throwback issue. You can find all the throwback issues here.

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Aftertouch - Volume 2, Number 2 (February 1986)

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