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Introducing CP OS v1.3

Introducing CP OS v1.3
CP OS v1.3 adds new sounds and new functions to Yamaha CP73/88 Stage Pianos.
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New Sounds

CP OS v1.3 adds 3 new Voices to CP73/88: 
  • CFIII Concert Grand: Added in this update is the CF3 Concert Grand piano from the CP300 Stage Piano. This piano has a beautiful resonant quality and is an ideal choice for a wide variety of musical genres.
  • 73Rd Studio: This tine piano has a warm quality with a present bell simulating a mint-condition instrument with all original parts. A "classic" sound great for recordings. 
  • 74Rd Stage: For a modern tine piano sound, the 74Rd Stage delivers. This Voice simulates a tine piano with boutique upgrades. A modern sound that cuts through a mix makes it perfect for the stage. 
  • 8 new Live Set Sounds using these voices have also been added.  
Improved Workflow
  • You can now store the Master EQ settings to the Live Set. This function is found under [SETTINGS] and when the Mode Switch is set to on Master EQ settings are saved with the Live Set.
  • The setting at the start of a given operation is shown in the display along with the newly changed setting.  
  • When you press [ENTER] on the Name display, a popup appears prompting you to either store or not store the settings. Select “Store” to go to the Store display, or select “Do not store now” to return to the Home display, with setting only the Live Set name. The Live Set name is not stored when you select “Do not store now.” If you want the Live Set and its name to be stored you must execute the Store operation.
  • You can now move to the Fixed Velocity display by pressing both the [EXIT] and [TOUCH] buttons.
  • When setting the Split Point the screen closes automatically when pressing both the [SPLIT] button and the desired key.
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